Vidmate is a popular and one of the widely used freeware multimedia downloaders such as videos, movies and other files with the help of which, the users can download their favourite online video and audio and enjoy the same anytime and anywhere on the move without any hassle or hurdle in between. Vidmate download apk is such an amazing, superb and wonderful software that allows the users to download all types of videos in different categories from popular and most reliable video streaming websites.

Not only this, this amazing video downloading software also enables the users to find the videos of their choice and also add the video URLs as per their choice and interest easily and instantly. In addition, it also lets the users perform the task to search and display the videos and other multimedia content along with an option to preview the videos directly in the clean and the clearest user interface of this downloading app.

It also comes with built in browser which helps the users to search, watch and download the videos and other content of their choice. One of the best parts of this amazing youtube video downloading application is that it is compatible with almost all the major operating systems and with a large number of output audio and video formats like MP3, MP4, AVI, 3GP, WMV, MPEG and more.

The registered users of this vidmate app are even allowed to choose their preferred category in which they want to watch the video from preconfigured settings which are available for certain devices like iPhone, iPad and more so they can configure the options manually like the size of the video, the appearance of the video, the number of frames per second and many other similar options like this.

Add all the android mobile phone users already know that Vidmate is not the only video downloader available in the market but still it is a choice of millions of people worldwide and the reason behind this is that it is available for all absolutely free of cost and also fulfill all of their needs so they can watch their favourite videos and movies available in the app.

The free version of this YouTube video downloader Vidmate also help the users to download multiple videos simultaneously i.e. at the same point of time and also convert the same in different formats as per the choice of the users and there are many other interesting and exciting features offered in the vidmate app which let the users download it in order to get their favourite video, song and movie downloaded in their concerned device or watch the same in the online mode.

App Name Vidmate App
File Size 5.03 MB
Version 3.34
Developer Vidmate
Downloads 50,00,000 +

Vidmate for PC, Windows 7, Windows 8 & Windows 10

As you all know that vidmate is a popular app to download the movies, songs, videos and other multimedia content in different categories as per the choice and preference of its users which helps you to see them without any hazards as it is one of the most reliable and trustworthy application available for all the users this is the reason why it is trusted by millions of people all around the world whether they are PC users smartphone users because it is compatible with almost all the major operating systems like Windows, Android and more and that’s too, in almost all the versions like Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 etc.

The users of PC and Windows generally switch to vidmate due to its amazing and wonderful functions and features which you will never find in any other video downloading app and this is a reason why it is considered as one of the latest and widely used application nowadays as by switching to this app, the users can have the access of downloading their favourite videos and audios from their host site without any hassle.

In addition to this, one can also download the files and different qualities including HD version as per his choice, interest and the compatibility of his concerned PC or windows device. In the device of Windows or PC, it enable the users facility to download unlimited videos and other multimedia content from more than 100 of channels and that’s too, absolutely free of cost.

It is a multipurpose app which has many other features like it has the capability to download unlimited videos and it also supports almost all the major format so the users can download the videos in their preferred format which is compatible with their device. One of the best parts of this amazing app is that it will never make you bore and also allow you to take pleasure in the entertainment in the online as well as an offline mode by downloading the content of your choice.

Vidmate 9apps (vidmate apk from 9apps)

The users can also download their favourite video downloading app of vidmate 9apps store which is a mini-sized yet a full-fledged app store that enables the users to download their favourite content anytime and anywhere on the go and that’s too, absolutely free of cost as it does not charge anything by the user’s end.

It also consumes very little space in the user’s device and downloaded in just a blink of an eye so they can enjoy the seamless experience of watching their favourite multimedia content anytime and anywhere without facing any sort of trouble or hassle in between.

Features of Vidmate Download APK:

  1. The registered users of this Vidmate app who get it installed from the 9apps can easily download their favourite videos and movies in different categories as per their choice without any hazard.
  2. It covers almost all the popular regional languages so the users can download song, audios, videos, movies, ringtones and many other files in different languages as per their wish.
  3. Vidmate also allows the users to download the multiple videos in parallel and that’s too, in the boost up or accelerated speed.
  4. You can also download the files and other content like movies, videos, and more in the background and also perform several other tasks as per your preference.
  5. The best part of vidmate is that it is supportive of many formats of audios as well as videos like MP3, MP4, MPEG, AVI, WMV, 3GP, MOV etc.
  6. The registered users can perform tasks like pause, resume and break the downloading pattern if it is supported by that website from where they are downloading a particular audio or video.
  7. This super amazing app also provides an option to its users with the help of which they can delete the videos if they don’t have any storage space wants to free up that space.
  8. You can also download the full movies on your device within the app as it supports large file downloads that can be over 1 GB.
  9. Apart from audios, videos and movies, the users are even allowed to download various television channels as well and watch their favourite TV show as per their choice and preference anytime and anywhere without even opening the TV directly with the vidmate APK app.

Vidmate Old Version

Download the original or the old version of this video downloading application, download vidmate app which enable the users to get the best quality audio, video and other multimedia content of their choice without compromising with the quality and also offers such an amazing and huge collection of audios, videos, movies etc and that’s too, in different categories like action, romance, emotional, devotional, motivational and more.

By switching to this old version of vidmate, the users are provided with endless options for downloading the movies and songs of their choice and one of the best part of this version of vidmate is that download it in an offline mode which reduces the cost of the data and allow the users to watch their favourite content anytime and anywhere later on whenever they have time.

This app can also be accessed as per the convenience of the users and they can also have the option of browsing history so they can search for their favourite movie and song any time with this app. One of the best and the most amazing part of this vidmate download app is that the users can download it through APK where everything is cleanly and clearly arrange in different tabs with a fantastic and superb user interface with the help of which, the users can watch the content on their favourite websites that are listed at one place on the main menu and the users are allowed to add any site to that list as per their choice.

In addition to this, in the vidmate app there are millions of videos, apps, movies, music, live TV and TV shows are available which you can download in your device and also watch the same in online mode easily and instantly. This Old version of vidmate also gets updated after regular intervals of time so as to ameliorate the existing features of this app and also add the new ones in order to make the app better, smoother and more convenient to use.

Vidmate 2018 Latest Version

Download the updated version of vidmate 2018 in order to enjoy the latest functions and features of this amazing video downloading application and to enjoy the seamless experience of watching your favourite multimedia content like audios, videos, films and many other files for free.

In this latest version which gets updated in the year 2018, there are many interesting and exciting features offered for the users which not only let them download their favourite multimedia content but also access and download different categories of app and games on their android device directly within the app.

The best part of download vidmate is it very much compatible with almost all the major operating systems and sharing and streaming websites that are reliable and trustworthy as well so the users can download multiple files at the same point of time and completely save there precious time as well as effort.

So what are you waiting for? If you really want download a full-fledged video downloading the app then just switch to download vidmate apk now which not only fulfils all of your entertainment needs but also offers you a variety of amazing and unique features and functions which will never find in any other similar app.

It is widely used across the globe as it is easily available for any kind of operating systems and if you are the one who would like to download this app then switch to 9apps now and click on the header or footer options to get it installed directly through APK for free.